Fish Types

The main varieties we use are:

Gurnard - has a succulent medium textured flesh with low oil content, consequently fillets hold together well when cooked. It is pale pink but turns white on cooking,sweet mild to medium flavour and suitable for all cooking methods.

Sole - has a white, delicate, moist flesh wit a low oil content. The flesh turns whiter on cooking and has a sweet delicate flavour. Cook simply by any method. Sole has roe attached to it, this can be eaten or removed before cooking with a sharp knife.

Tarakihi - has a medium texture, a juicy flesh and a low oil content, With a good delicate to medium flavour and is suitable for all methods of cooking. In autumn they tend to feed on kelp and this can flavour the fish, giving it a stronger taste.

Brill - is a flat fish with fine texture. It is a pale apricot coloured flesh which whitens on cooking and has a delicate flavour It can be fried, grilled, poached or baked. Brill has roe attached to it, this can be eaten or removed before cooking with a sharp knife.

Dory - has a delicate sweet flesh, low oil content with dense but fine flakes It is suitable for most cooking methods..

Ling - versatile and firm-fleshed. Ling is moist and can be cooked in almost anyway, often served raw as sashimi or in wok cooking. It has a white flesh, with a low oil content, a sweet tasting and medium flavour;

Monkfish - have a pearly white flesh, firm texture that will not flake easily and are rich with vitamin D and Selenium. Good as Sashimi, they suit most cooking methods, and when cooked it has similar characteristics and flavour to crayfish. It marinates well.

Perch - has a delicate flavour, with a moderately firm texture. The flesh is white, lean, moist and flaky. It is suitable for all methods.

Warehou - flesh of moderately firm texture with a pinkish colour which lightens on cooking. it has a medium oil content and distinct flavour; They are best cooked by moist heat methods and are ideal in strong-flavoured dishes such as curries.

Cheaper varieties available occasionally (15% larger than normal but at normal price):

Akaroa Cod - The fillets are delicate and flake easily when cooked, so they are often smoked. Akaroa Cod has a low-fat content and is mild in flavour. Suitable for most cooking methods. Makes a great fish pie.

Hoki - has a soft succulent fillet with a delicate flavour, low oil content. The fillets are white and flake easily when cooked. Hoki is ideal for delicate fish recipes and can be prepared using most cooking methods. The skin is left on the fillet of Hoki, this can be eaten or removed when cooked.

Moki - has a medium to firm grey flesh often with black flecks thru the fillet. It is coarse but good eating with a medium flavour. Is suitable all cooking methods.

Pearl - has a firm, white fillet witha low in fat and a slight lemon flavour. It is good for frying and a favourite with kids.

Deluxe varieties available occasionally at a higher cost:

Blue Cod - have medium-textured white flesh with low oil content and with a delicate flavour. It is suitable for most cooking methods..

Groper - has a white, firm to medium textured flesh which tends to be coarse but excellent eating. It has a low oil content and medium flavour. It is suitable for all methods.

Salmon - this is the only farmed fish we sell. Salmon has an orange flesh, firm texture with a high oil content. It s great for baking, grilling and barbequing.

Alternative Fish Products

Smoked and Frozen Fish Range

Occasionally, due to local weather and sea conditions, fresh fish may become scarce. Fortunately there are not many days when we are unable to make fresh fish deliveries but on these occasions we also stock a great range of sea frozen fish, smoked fish and frozen fillets.

Smoked Fish

Fish processed from fresh by us (mainly Hoki and Ling) then naturally smoked and frozen. Great for fish pies and a variety of other recipes.

Sea Frozen Fish

Deep Sea varieties, such as Dory, Groper, Orange Roughy, snap frozen whole on the ships minutes after being caught, then thawed out and processed by us. This fish loses absolutely none of its quality or taste and we highly recommend this product.

Frozen Fillets

We also have access to export quality frozen fillets of most of our usual varieties. High in quality and taste, but less in appearance.