Frequently Asked Questions

We are always being asked questions about our service, so we've answered some of the most common ones for you.

Q Can I still order products on special, after the special has finished?

A Yes, we carry many of these products in stock. Chowder, Polenta fries, Potato Hash Sticks etc are always available. Only the price will be back to normal. To order online click here

Q Do you have a problem with bins blowing away?

A Yes, we have lately. On windy days could you please place a heavy object on your bin.

Q I've been delivered a fish variety I didn't like, or one of the more expensive varieties I didn't want. Can I stop this happening again?

A Of course. You don't have to receive anything you don't like or want. Simply let us know by leaving a note, ringing or update your selections online.

Q Can I pay online or arrange an automatic payment.

A Yes please – we prefer online payments/automatic payments - please call the office to receive our bank account details. Cash is still received, but we no longer accept cheques.

TO ORDER: Just contact us by e-mail or ph 021 2484478