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How it Works

Simply getting in touch with us once, is all it takes to get a regular order of fresh fish on your doorstep. Orders will then be delivered on the same day each week (or fortnight) and will always be the same weight. We will change the variety of fish you receive according to that days catch, and/or your preferences. Take the guess work out of what to cook for a night, or experiment with new varieties of fish and seafood with some of our exciting specials and recipes. You only need to contact us, to stop or add extras to your delivery.

"What could be simpler".

Fresh to Your Door

Fish purchased from the market that morning, processed in our boutique factory, then delivered on ice to your doorstep. What could be fresher? Because we know how much fish we require each day, we purchase to order. No shipping between middlemen or sitting in display cabinets for our fish. Its these factors that allow us to be 100% confident in our product and offer a "no questions asked" money back guarantee on the freshness of our fish.

"Tomorrow's fish are still swimming"